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Born in Kisaran, North Sumatera, S. Sudjojono (1913 -1986) is renowned as one of Indonesia’s main figures in Indonesian art painting history and nicknamed by many as “The Father of Modern Indonesian Painting”. Sudjojono often illustrates  Indonesians around their daily activities and dynamics according to Indonesia’s actual development conditions at the time. 


Sudjojono is also one of the founders of PERSAGI (Association of Indonesia’s Drawing Experts), SIM (Young Indonesian Artist), art mentor at POETERA – Department of Cultural Affairs, and Keimin Bunka Shidosho.


Sudjojono is a productive artist, thinker, educator, and writer with artworks stretching from paintings, sketches, drawings, public arts, sculpture and relief, all the way to ceramic arts and furniture.

Rose Pandanwangi

A renowned Indonesian Mezzo Soprano singer, Rose Pandanwangi was born in Makassar, 1929.


She started her career as a member of the Indonesian delegation at the European Youth Festival and won 3rd place singing competition at the 1953 festival. After marrying painter S. Sudjojono, the couple turned their Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu home into a space where they can express their great sense of art. They named it “Sanggar Pandanwangi”, where Rose taught piano and vocals. Hand in hand with her husband, Rose also founded an opera group, “Hidup Mengalun Dendang”.


Rose’s career as a singer peaked after repeatedly winning the Mezzo Soprano category at the National and DKI Jakarta Radio Star Contest (1958-1965).

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