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Mas Djon

Beyond his artistic life, Sudjojono was also known as a unique individual. A man with a strong character and mind, he was known for his humility and openness to everyone. This might well have been one of the reasons why he had a great deal of charisma which attracted many people.He was well respected by his contemporaries and befriended with people from various backgrounds, from collectors to government officials, such as Adam Malik, the former foreign minister of Indonesia.


Rose Pandanwangi

Sudjojono also led a fascinating personal life. His family life began in 1943, giving him several children. His meeting with Rose Pandanwangi, an Indo-European mezzo-soprano, changed his life. It was definitely love at first sight when Sudjojono met Rose Pandanwangi in Amsterdam in 1951. A modern and attractive Indo-European woman with a maiden name Rosalina (“Rose”) Wilhelmina Poppeck.Rose shared many and diverse interests with Sudjojono. She has a great passion for music and is a classical singer who often competed in various national singing contests. They were married in 1959 and Rose had then become his greatest source of life, love and inspiration for the artist.

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