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Establish a legacy of the Father of Modern Indonesian Painting, S. Sudjojono, through the comprehensive exposure of his great artworks and personal archive.


  1. To reinstate and reiterate the existence of S. Sudjojono Center and S. Sudjojono Museum being the two solid pillars to promote S. Sudjojono as Indonesia’s legendary maestro.

  2. To preserve S. Sudjojono’s masterpiece and collections (including insurance); Expose S. Sudjojono’s artworks and values.

  3. To act as center of data and information related to S. Sudjojono and his works.

  4. Together with other organizations, to contribute to Indonesia’s art development.


Main Purpose

Since its establishment in 2006, the organization has been conducting a series of activities including art exhibitions (managing, organizing, and also in coordination with national and international partners), book publishing and promotions, and museum management (which is continuously upgraded and adjusted to preserve better audience experience). We pledge to continue S. Sudjojono Center (formerly Sanggar Pandanwangi)

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